Number 8 - Second Base

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Number 8's Baseball Portraits

Taken May 26, 2022

__2P8600 __2P8601 __2P8602 __2P8603 __2P8604 __2P8605 __2P8606 __2P8607 __2P8608 __2P8609 __2P8610 __2P8611 __2P8612 __2P8613 __2P8614 __2P8618 __2P8619 __2P8620 __2P8621 __2P8636 __2P8637 __2P8639 __2P8640 __2P8664 __2P8682 __2P8683 __2P8684 __2P8685 __2P8686 __2P8687 __2P8689 2P2P6965