The Harris 75th Family Reunion

August 31st and September 1st, 2014

Attention: To order photographs, please reference the "2P" number.
This number appears during a "Mouse Over" or above the
Slide Show frame number in the lower left-hand corner of the frame.
Make note of the 2P number and e-mail the order to either:, 814.599.3614
or, 814.599.9694

Our Mailing Address is:
PO Box 163, Huntingdon, PA 16652-0163

You may mail a check or pay by credit card, Visa, Master Card, and Discover, either by e-mail or over the phone.
The cost for prints is on our Pricing Page.

If you would like, for an additional $2.00 per print, we can produce black and white photographs as well.
We would not recommend any photograph smaller than 8" X 12" for the Entire Family photograph.
The cost for the 8" X 12" will be $20.00, mounted will be $25.00.

∴ The PhotoBook is complete and has been approved. We have incorporated the Harris Family logo on the front cover. ∴
∴ The PhotoBook is a 10" by 10" book. The cost, including shipping will be $75.00. ∴

For a Preview, Click on the PhotoBook to Turn the Page!

__2P7561 __2P7563 __2P7566 __2P7568 __2P7571 __2P7572 __2P7573 __2P7575 __2P7578 __2P7582 __2P7586 __2P7588 __2P7589 __2P7592 __2P7597 __2P7600 __2P7604 __2P7606 __2P7608 __2P7611 __2P7614 __2P7617 __2P7619 __2P7623 __2P7625 __2P7633 __2P7637 __2P7640 __2P7644 __2P7646 __2P7649 __2P7652 __2P7656 __2P7658 __2P7661 __2P7662 __2P7664 __2P7673 __2P7680 __2P7683 __2P7684 __2P7686 __2P7689 __2P7691 __2P7692 _2P_5417 _2P_5419 _2P_5417 _2P_5419 __2P7698 _2P_5381 _2P_5385 _2P_5390 _2P_5398 _2P_5400 _2P_5403 _2P_5410 _2P_5412 _2P_5416
The Entire Harris Reunion __2P7737
The Frisby Family Group __2P7750
The Day Family Group __2P7755
The Harris Family Group