Taken Valentine's Day 2022

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Kim's Portraits

_2P_9646 _2P_9647 _2P_9648 _2P_9649 _2P_9650 _2P_9651 _2P_9652 _2P_9653 _2P_9654 _2P_9655 _2P_9656 _2P_9657 _2P_9658 _2P_9659 _2P_9660 _2P_9661 _2P_9662 _2P_9663 _2P_9664 _2P_9665 _2P_9666 _2P_9667 _2P_9668 _2P_9669 _2P_9670 _2P_9671 _2P_9672 _2P_9673 _2P_9674 _2P_9675 _2P_9676 _2P_9677 _2P_9678 _2P_9679 _2P_9680 _2P_9681 _2P_9682 _2P_9683 _2P_9684 _2P_9685 _2P_9686 _2P_9687 _2P_9688 _2P_9689 _2P_9690 _2P_9691 _2P_9692 _2P_9693 _2P_9694 _2P_9695 _2P_9696

Rivan's Portraits

IMG_9716 IMG_9717 IMG_9718 IMG_9719 IMG_9720 IMG_9721 IMG_9722 IMG_9723 IMG_9724 IMG_9725 IMG_9726 IMG_9727 IMG_9728 IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9731 IMG_9732 IMG_9733 IMG_9734 IMG_9735 IMG_9736 IMG_9737 IMG_9738 IMG_9739 IMG_9740 IMG_9741 IMG_9742 IMG_9743 IMG_9744 IMG_9745 IMG_9746 IMG_9747 IMG_9748 IMG_9749 IMG_9750 IMG_9751 IMG_9752 IMG_9753 IMG_9754 IMG_9755 IMG_9756 IMG_9757 IMG_9758 IMG_9759 IMG_9760 IMG_9761 IMG_9762 IMG_9763 IMG_9764 IMG_9765 IMG_9766 IMG_9767 IMG_9768 IMG_9769 IMG_9770 IMG_9771 IMG_9772 IMG_9773 IMG_9774 IMG_9775 IMG_9776 IMG_9777 IMG_9778 IMG_9779 IMG_9780 IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9783 IMG_9784 IMG_9785 IMG_9786 IMG_9787 IMG_9788 IMG_9789 IMG_9790 IMG_9791 IMG_9792 IMG_9793 IMG_9794 IMG_9795 IMG_9797 IMG_9798 IMG_9799