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Seniors, Child, Individual, Couples, Models, and Pets are priced at $60.00 per hour. This includes unlimited change of clothing, poses, places, inside, outside, basically anywhere or any how you would like to be photographed. So, dream big and we will be there with camera in hand and smiles on our faces.

Family Groups and Groups…

Groups have the same freedom as our portraits and are priced at $100.00 per hour of Photagrafer time. So, gather your members and smile big.


For weddings, you will have Two Photagrafers at your blessed event. We do not sit down and are ready for every photo-op! We charge $225.00 per hour for as long as you want or need us to be at your event.

Events, Commercial and Architectural…

For your event we charge $50.00 per hour of Photagrafer time. You will have Two Photagrafers at the events that never sit down.

Our Photographic Prints Pricing:

All of our printing is done, as they say, ala carte. This means you do not have to buy a package of pictures you do not want or need. You can order a picture from every pose, every location, or you can just order all of the pictures we take during your shoot, the more the merrier!

Size Price
4" by 6" $5.00
5" by 7" $10.00
8" by 10" $15.00
8" by 8" $15.00
8" by 12" $20.00
10" by 10" $25.00
12" by 12" $27.50
11" by 14" $30.00
16" by 20" $40.00
4 Wallets $6.00
Digital Image for Social Media $5.00
For Black and White Prints Add an additional $2.00 per image

Additional sizes are available. If you do not see the size you would prefer, please contact us for pricing.

Two Photagrafers typically print your pictures on a matte paper to avoid finger prints. All of our prints above 8" by 10" are Lustre Sprayed to prevent the prints from sticking to the glass in your frames. For an additional cost we can print them on different paper, canvas, and mount the print if desired.

Our proofing method is via a stylish proof book, which you purchase. The cost of the book will depend on the number of proofs you would like to view. Prices start at a nominal $30.00. To keep your cost down, there is a nominal shipping fee for every order. Typical, shipping fees start at $7.50. However, the bigger the print, the more expensive the shipping cost will be for you.

We offer virtually every option available for your prints, your session, or for your event. If you can think it or have seen it, Two Photagrafers will try our best to accommodate your wishes, all you have to do is ask.

Two Cameras, Two Eyes, Two Photagrafers

Thank you for the opportunity to photograph your memories!